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“Food and love go hand-in-hand for us. That’s what family is all about.”

When you step into Altamura, you step into a world with the smells, tastes and feel of the wonderful, historic town of its Italian namesake. A place with real, healthful Italian cooking that you can make in your own home.

Please your family and guests with a delicious meal from your oven or stove. And all in just a few minutes with little preparation on your part.


The nutrition and sensory goodness of Italian products are now in Hinsdale. Imported directly from their hometown region of Puglia, the pizza crust is golden brown, owing to a perfect growing combination of soil, water and environment. This is difference that you can see and taste.

ALtamura transforms take-home-and-make
into an authentic Italian meal experience.


Altamura, Italy

This region hosts endless olive groves. Olive oil plays a major role in the region’s cooking as well as grains grown on the stony plateau. The region of Puglia is known for pasta and famous for the breads of Altamura.

Meal time is special in Italy. Italians eat pizza almost every night, gathering with families and friends.